My Farewell Letter To Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights is leaving Netflix and no one is okay with it. If you didn’t know this heartbreaking (not fake) news, then I am sorry you had to find out this way. *Moment of silence for those in mourning*

I feel as though we can’t just let this happen and not acknowledge what FNL has meant to us. I am writing this letter to give the show, football team, Dillon, Texas and Coach Taylor the farewell they all deserve.

Dear Friday Night Lights,

How are you doing? No, don’t answer that. I think we all know. And we are with you. As your streaming comes to a heartbreaking end, we (I) would like say a few words to let you know what you meant to us over the years.

Goodby to Dillon, Texas, the quaint town where we all wished we lived. From the flat drives to Coach’s house and Buddy Garrity’s Dealership to the Alamo Freeze and Dillon High School, you made us feel like we were home. You gave us a home team to cheer for, and a small part of Texas we never knew we needed. Texas forever. 

To Tim Riggins, thank you for your hair. Your loyalty to your family and Dillon, Texas carried this show. A lone survivor in so many ways. 

To QB1 Jason Street, you really pushed through your setbacks, no pun intended. From getting paralyzed, to selling cars and losing Lyla to your best friend, you showed us what resilience means. 

Oh Smash, you son of a gun. I am a fan of you because I was a fan of your mom. She is and was a great lady. Thanks for all your humbling moments and attitude adjustments. 

And sweet Tami, our coach’s wife and #1 guidance counselor.  Talk about GOALS. You knew how to put Coach in his place, counsel high school teenagers and raise a family with class and grit. You helped Tyra get accepted into college and helped me through five years of it. Shoutout to victory laps! I’ll never be able to say thank you enough for all the times I procrastinated studying to spend quality time with you and your family. 

Did you think I would  forget Buddy Garrity? He was persistent as they come. You had to watch the whole series to learn how to love Buddy through the hard times. He showed us tried and true loyalty, what it meant to never give up on a team or a coach, the true #1 fan of the Dillon Panthers. We all need those kind of (wallets) people on our side and in our Booster Clubs. 

Saving the best for last with our dear Coach Taylor. This may be the hardest goodbye. You have a special place in my heart. So special that my mom has to remind me that you’re a fictional character on a television show. The lessons you taught QB2 Matt Saracen and the rest of your team, you taught us as well. Perseverance, believing in ourselves, resiliency. I am not sure who loves you more, me or Matt’s grandmother. She gets it. You are a true builder of men. There are not a lot like you, although Mark Richt and Dabo Swinney may be in the running.

I could go on about Landry/Lance, Tim’s brother, Tyra, Applebee’s, Lyla, Julie, and all the characters from Seasons 5 & 6. We don’t forget about you, we just are having a hard time processing the words to really let every single person know how we feel about this loss. You are our Texas forevers. 

Gone from Netflix, but never forgotten. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.

(Edit: It is now available on Amazon Prime. God is good.)


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