this is my twenties.

‘Sup everybody…

Am I allowed to start a post off saying, “Sup”? Probably not, but this isn’t the New York Times so I think it is fine.

I turned 25 last year and realized I am halfway done with this decade of my life (very good with numbers, obviously). Your twenties are a rollercoaster, man. People might give you a heads up about how much your life will change during this decade, but no one is telling you how it will make you FEEL. Spoiler alert, you feel like you have literally no idea what you’re doing. But I don’t think any of us do. AM I RIGHT? Please tell me I am kinda right. Winging it is how I assume we all go through life and mask it by telling people we are “living our best life” but really we just bought frozen pizza for dinner at Rite Aid using all quarters. Shoutout to college me! You go girl.

I feel like I have hit that sweet spot at 25 where I can look back at this point in my life and know how that one experience affected me, or how that particular relationship grew me. Our twenties are filled with growing up, being on our own, and figuring it out for ourselves. That is our twenties. And our thirties and every decade after that, probably. Some of these years are, all jokes aside, hard as hell. Everyone told us we would have to grow up sometime, but no one tells you how.

Shoot. That got deep real fast, Nicole.

On a lighter note, we also brush up against things that are unexpectedly the best parts of our lives, and we will eventually be able to look back and have the experiences from this time to thank for those. The forever friends you met, when you learned how to cook not using a microwave..still working on that one, the trips you were able to take because you don’t have kids yet, or the trips you can take because you’re single and DON’T NEED NO MAN/WOMAN. It’s all about perspective, really.

I do feel like I have grown up a little and learned a few things along the way- like how to not buy a house, why music festivals aren’t as cool as they seem on Instagram, and that the only way I really afford new clothes is a result of how much Plato’s Closet will pay me for my old ones, which is enough to buy half a headband from lululemon, apparently.

I wanna share these experiences with you. These are my perspectives. These are my twenties. I hope you find yourself unexpectedly enjoying them as much as I do.


Someone who will never know how to properly sign off here. Do I say “XO”? Ew, I hate that. Do I sign my name? No, this isn’t a cover letter. I don’t know. Byyyyyye buddy.

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