we need the listeners too.

It is an understatement to say that we live in a world where we all feel strongly (very strongly) about the climate of our nation. It’s also an understatement to say that there is just a lot going on. That’s how I feel. There is always so much going on. All news is breaking news, it seems like.

Social media is a blessing and a curse when it comes to breaking social and political issues right now. It really is amazing to live in a time where we have these platforms to freely express our opinions. We have taken freedom of speech to a new, engaging level.

And while some people feel the need to speak out on their views, beliefs and opinions, there is also another crowd of us. One that isn’t as outspoken, but is still here. The listeners. At least, that’s where I am and maybe it’s just a party of one. This probably makes sense because I am a processor. I might not know exactly where I stand on gun rights, complex social and political issues, standing vs. kneeling, or our president but I am still here listening, reading and trying my best to understand.

I think we need the listeners just as much as we need the people brave enough to speak up. Us listeners we read and process, ask good questions, and remain quietly curious.

I skim through articles and listen to podcasts to expand my view on what’s going on in the world but that’s just where I would like to stay, for now. Sometimes it is all too much. For example, I just temporarily unfollowed all political accounts on Twitter because I just needed some silence and a quiet  place to filter the noise. In the 24-hour news cycle constantly updating our feeds, I felt the need to step away and listen to something else for a while. Meaning I see a lot of college football updates and as a UGA fan that could always go wrong.

As a millennial, I look up to those of us who feel strongly about our generation standing up for what we believe in. We can be discounted for a lot of things, but speaking up is not something we lack. Our voice in this world matters and so does our posture. I pray that when we do speak up, it comes from a place of love and grace. We have so much to learn from those ahead of us and those being raised after us. We will always need the courageous outspoken, just as much as we need the cautious and curious listeners. My hope is that I am, and we are, always listening to all sides with a posture of love, grace and humility.

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