not fake news: why and how I got a library card.

Well for one, they are free. I used to spend who knows how much money on books at Barnes and Noble just to read it once and put it on a shelf never to read again. Millennials love free things, which is why I am not sure how more of us aren’t flocking to local libraries. However, I understand why you aren’t because reading and brunch is a thing you all seem to care about passionately.

But for the rest of us (me) and in order to save the tens of dollars to my name, I thought a library card would be a good fit for my wallet and help improve the amount of time it takes me to read a book. It used to be *give or take* a couple months, but library books have due dates apparently so I am doing myself a lot of favors here.

All libraries still look the same. It’s that building on the corner that hasn’t been updated in 20 years and wonder why there are still always cars in the parking lot. (Hint: free wi-fi and vending machines, I think). I walked in and was suddenly overcome with nostalgia. The inside of a local library has not changed in over 20 years, which was comforting on a lot of levels but also not because I was the only twenty-something within the walls of plastic covered books and free wifi users.

I walked up to the desk stating loudly, “I would like to get a library card,” because that seemed like a good start. It wasn’t long after I was denied because I didn’t have proof of residence. I was starting to second guess this nostalgic and frugal endeavor. Also I didn’t realize that a walk of shame coming out of a library AND back into a library in the same day was a feeling I would ever become familiar with but there I was. To prove to the librarian that I totally knew what I was doing, I checked out three books that day. Three. I haven’t read three books back-to-back since cramming for finals in college and even that’s a stretch.

Fast forward to the first due date of all three books, I returned them each in great condition and right on time. I remember this because I didn’t crack one of them open. The only good part about this story so far is that I have yet to collect any library fines. Take that, Barnes and Noble.

Since acquiring my new shiny library card, I have read and returned (sans library dues) two books. I still have a really, really hard time trying to find any books I go in looking for. Do public libraries even carry Mindy Kaling? I have yet to find her or Amy Poehler’s books and I am pretty sure the librarian is offended I consider it a piece of literature but I am going to keep asking for it.

This library card has taught me a lot like, how to read books in a realistic amount of time, why it’s important to educate librarians on classics of my generation (Bossypants by Tina Fey obviously) and having a library card can be just as satisfying as that hot yoga class you’re paying too much money for. I mentioned library cards are FREE, right?



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